Cash Out Your Life Insurance

You may have purchased a life insurance policy years ago for your young and growing family. Now that your children are independent, you may have wondered if you need your policy or if you can sell your policy for cash.

The idea to cash out life insurance might seem unusual, but the practice known as a life settlement has been around for decades. At Sell My Life Insurance Policy, we connect people wishing to sell their policies with life settlement companies. They can then use the funds for living expenses, medical bills, or to fund their retirement.

How Do I Qualify to Cash Out My Life Insurance?

With a life settlement, you need to be at least 76 years old if you are in generally good health. However, if you have a life-threatening illness such as ALS, Alzheimer’s, or cancer, you can qualify for a viatical settlement. With a viatical settlement, an individual with a life-threatening illness can sell their life policy for cash. For both of these types of settlements, you must have a policy value of $100,000 or more.

What Happens When I Sell My Life Insurance Policy?

When you cash out life insurance, it means that you receive an immediate payment for your policy. In exchange for the payout you receive, the buyer will become the new owner and beneficiary of your life insurance policy. This also means they will assume all responsibility for the policy including paying all premium payments through the remainder of the policy.

How Does Sell My Life Insurance Policy Match Me with a Buyer?

  1. To start the process, see if your policy qualifies by completing our simple online form. It only takes a few minutes to complete and asks for basic information about you and your policy. Upon completing the form, you will be instantly notified if you pre-qualify for a life settlement.
  2. Upon qualification, we send your provided information to our partner life settlement companies. These companies will then contact you to get more information about you and your policy. The company will have you complete an application and confirm your personal details, policy information, and health status.
  3. Once your information is verified, they can present you with an offer for your policy. Upon acceptance of the offer, you receive an immediate lump sum payment for your policy and the company becomes the new policy owner.

Benefits of Using Sell My Life Insurance Policy

By using our free service, you get connected with multiple life settlement companies at once. This saves you the time and hassle of researching multiple companies and contacting them individually.

Instead, in a few clicks, submit your information to several companies interested in purchasing policies such as yours. Additionally, by being connected to numerous companies, you increase your chance of reaching the right company to provide you with an offer for your policy.

Begin your journey to a better financial future by completing our simple online form today!