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Who Qualifies for a Life Settlement?

Many factors are taken into consideration when determining if you qualify for a life settlement including age, health status, policy type, and premiums. Life settlement companies have different qualification standards.  Below are the basic guidelines for who typically qualifies for a life settlement:

  • If you have a terminal illness
  • If no terminal illness, you must be 76 years or older
  • Your existing life insurance policy must be $100,000 or more

Why Sell Your Life Insurance Policy?

You need additional funds

Whether you need money for living expenses, retirement, medical costs or simply want to pay off debt, cashing in your life insurance policy provides you the freedom to do all of these.

You can no longer afford costly premiums

Life insurance premiums can cost you thousands of dollars a year. Don’t lose this valuable asset by letting your policy lapse. Instead, sell your life insurance policy and allow someone else to take over the premium payments.

You no longer need your policy

Some policy owners have beneficiaries that are now financially dependent. Others have multiple policies in place when they only need one.  If your policy no longer meets your needs, selling your life insurance policy allows you to benefit from these funds.

Why Use Our Free Service

Our goal is to get you the highest possible offer for your policy. We build relationships with life settlement leaders to provide our clients with the best available options. Unlike most life settlement companies, we are able to provide you with multiple offers at once. There is absolutely no obligation and we guarantee 100% confidentiality.

  • We connect you with multiple buyers and offers for your policy
  • We provide a policy estimate so you know what it’s worth
  • Our service is completely free and 100% confidential

A life settlement is a great financial tool to help you benefit from your policy! To start the process today, fill out our easy form and find out instantly if your policy qualifies!