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At Sell My Life Insurance Policy, we believe you shouldn’t settle for less than you deserve. We give you access to the best life settlement companies so you can find the perfect fit for your financial needs.

Our company was built on the belief that life insurance owners should have access to as many life settlement options as possible. From this belief, Sell My Life Insurance Policy was created. We built our website as a tool to connect policy owners with policy buyers. In doing this, we eliminate the need for policy owners to research and individually contact multiple life settlement companies. We save policy owners the time and hassle that typically come with the life settlement process while simultaneously introducing them to the best available options.

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“I received enough money to retire early and even to take a trip to Europe with all of my children!”

“When I first looked into selling my life policy, I was so overwhelmed with all the different options. By using Sell My Life Insurance Policy, I was able to instantly find the right life settlement company for me.

— Denise

“I feel like such a weight has been lifted now that I don’t have to worry about our finances.”

“My husband was diagnosed with cancer and we immediately drained our savings account to pay for his best medical care. After finding a company through Sell My Life Insurance Policy, we were able to pay for his treatments and it has allowed me to stay home from work.”

— Tricia

We are passionate about life settlements.

Most policy owners don’t know that life settlements exist as a financial option. Instead, they take out interest-heavy loans, refinance their mortgage, or pursue other financial options that end up costing them more money in the long run. Instead, by pursuing a life settlement, you can access a fund you’ve been investing money into for years: your life insurance policy.

People sell their life insurance policy to life settlement companies for a variety of reasons. Some policy owners no longer need their policy as their beneficiaries are now dependent or they may have multiple policies. Certain individuals may need additional funding for retirement or medical expenses. Other reasons someone might sell their policy include wanting to take a dream vacation, pay off existing debt, fund long term care, or simply have some money in savings for financial peace of mind.

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