Five Life Settlement Myths You Should Know

Life settlements can be an excellent option for obtaining funding for retirement, medical expenses, or other cause. Unfortunately, some people shy away from the process due to the misinformation they have heard about life settlements that they assume is true. Although many such myths exist, we discuss five of the most common ones below.

Myth #1: You Must Be Terminally Ill to Qualify for Life Settlements

Life settlements for the terminally ill, first came on the scene approximately 30 years ago in the form of a viatical settlement. For several years, they were the only option for cashing in an unwanted life insurance policy. However, today you can sell your life insurance policy without a terminal illness if you’re at least 76 years old and meet other criteria.

Myth #2: Most People Sell Their Policies to Pay Medical Bills or Living Expenses

While this is certainly the reason some people sell their life insurance policy, it’s far from the only one. In fact, more people decide on life settlements because they no longer need their policy than to obtain the funds needed for medical expenses or daily living expenses. Additionally, the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made a significant amount of life insurance policies unnecessary. That is because it more than doubled the estate tax exemption for both individual and married taxpayers.

Myth #3: A Life Insurance Policy Needs to Be Worth at Least $1 Million to Sell It

Although it’s true that some investors only express interest in high-value policies, others are willing to work with clients as long as their policy holds a minimum value of $100,000. This minimum value is one of just three criteria we ask of people wanting to use Sell My Life Insurance Policy to a third party through our service.

Myth #4: Life Settlements Are Not Regulated or Legal

When life settlements first became popular a dozen or so years ago, people questioned whether they were legal. The answer is a definite yes. In addition to Puerto Rico, 43 of the 50 states have laws on the books regulating the sale of life insurance policies. You can choose a network referral provider, such as Sell Life Insurance Policy, to find the best deal.

Myth #5: The Government Restricts How You Can Spend the Proceeds of Life Settlements

At the opposite end of the spectrum from those who believe the above are those who think the government puts tight controls on how recipients of a settlement can spend their funds. The truth is you can spend the money any way you would like, including going on a vacation or donating to charity. Paying off or refinancing debt, providing financial assistance to children or grandchildren, and retirement funding are some additional common ways that people spend the money they receive from life settlements.

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Viatical Settlement vs. Life Settlement2021-12-02T22:39:47-05:00

A life settlement is when a senior-aged individual in fairly good health sells their life policy to a life settlement buyer. Those with a life-threatening illness such as cancer, ALS, or Alzheimer’s may qualify for a viatical settlement. Both viatical settlements and life settlements are the sale of a life insurance policy from an insured to a buyer, but the qualifications are different.

How to Sell a Life Insurance Policy2023-02-03T15:31:23-05:00

First, see if your policy qualifies. Our simple online form will ask you basic questions about you and your life policy. Once we receive your information, we will review and let you know if you are eligible to proceed with selling your policy. If so, we will connect you with interested buyers who will provide you with an offer for your life policy. It’s that easy.

What is a Life Settlement?2021-12-02T22:42:55-05:00

A life settlement is the legal sale of an existing life insurance policy for more than its cash surrender value, but less than its net death benefit.

Who Qualifies for a Life Settlement?2023-02-02T15:36:22-05:00

To qualify for a life settlement, your life policy needs to be valued at $150,000 or more. You must also be at least 75 years of age. If you are not 75 or older, you must have a serious illness such as Cancer, ALS, or Alzheimer’s.

Can I Sell My Life Insurance Policy?2021-12-02T22:41:16-05:00

Yes. Many people don’t know their life insurance policy is a financial asset they have the legal right to sell. A life settlement is a legal financial transaction where the insured sells their life policy for a lump-sum cash payment. You pay for it so why shouldn’t you be able to sell it?

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